Beth Bodiya

I’m Izzy Gainsburg, a behavior scientist focused on how to help people do the most good.

Currently, I am a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Harvard Kennedy School, where my work flows in three related streams of research: 1) testing methods that people and organizations can take to create more equitable and inclusive environments; 2) leveraging emotion-regulation to both increase and debias altruistic behavior; and 3) exploring the intersection of psychology and effective altruism, such as understanding the psychology underlying which social causes people prioritize and meta-scientific efforts to understand which research questions and interventions are most impactful for psychologists to pursue.

I’m also a teacher at heart. I love finding creative ways to get students engaged with the material, helping students develop critical thinking and scientific tools that travel outside the classroom, and illuminating the ways that course material is relevant to the wellbeing of my students and the greater good. I have taught or assisted with teaching seven distinct courses, designed two original seminars, and been the lead instructor for both undergraduate psychology and MBA classes.

Before coming to Harvard, I received my PhD in Social Psychology from the University of Michigan, completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the Management and Organizations area in the University of Michigan Ross School of Business, and served as a Lecturer in the University of Michigan Ross School of Business.